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  • The most visited virtual trip we make is to Las Vegas.

  • 92% of players would play another game.

  • We have played 50 games.

  • 20 different companies have played with us.

  • All the games are 100% our own.

  • 97% of players would recommend the game to colleagues and friends.

  • Players most often chose Chernobyl as their next destination.

  • We use Zoom, MS Teams, Webex & Google Meet.

  • We play in Czech or English.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
5–6 players in a team
6–25 teams
150 minutes of action
normal difficulty

Take a cable car up to the Sugarloaf.
Get to know the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Wear a mafia costume.

There is a beautiful city surrounded by leafy hills on the south-eastern coast of Brazil. You will learn about the origin and the meaning of the name of this city. You will stroll through chic neighbourhoods full of historical sights and visit the slums where even Google Street View car drivers hardly dare to tread. You will learn a lot of facts about Rio residents who live a truly plentiful life. And how could they not, when they are under the watchful eye of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, who watches them from the top of Mount Corcovado.

    If you want to play, please call +420 603 381 139, send an email info@outdoorso­lutions.cz or fill up this form. We will call you back ASAP.