• The game has already been played by 1,500 participants.

  • The average rating of the game is 4.8 stars out of five.

  • The most visited virtual trip we make is to Las Vegas.

  • 92% of players would play another game.

  • We have played 50 games.

  • 20 different companies have played with us.

  • All the games are 100% our own.

  • 97% of players would recommend the game to colleagues and friends.

  • Players most often chose Chernobyl as their next destination.

  • We use Zoom, MS Teams, Webex & Google Meet.

  • We play in Czech or English.


5–6 players in a team
6–15 teams
150 minutes full of action
medium difficulty

Have your portrait painted by a street artist.
Discover the sacred Sacré-Cœur.
Wear the latest French fashion.

Paris is the city of love and romance. It is a place with mysterious corners and serene cemeteries with their stories, and legends. The city combines modern neighbourhoods with those that remember King Louise XIV. Needless to say, Paris is glamorous and competitive fashion capital. Enjoy your virtual tour of Paris.

    If you want to play, please call +420 603 381 139, send an email info@outdoorso­lutions.cz or fill up this form. We will call you back ASAP.